Andy Vargas, Lead Singer of Santana to Create Music Production Program at IE Accelerator

Andy Vargas, lead singer of Santana, is working with the San Bernardino Community College District, EDCT Foundation, and Eloise Gomez Reyes, Assemblymember of the 47th District to start a music production program at the Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IE) Accelerator in San Bernardino.

The Andy Vargas Music Production Program is designed for high school sophomores and juniors who are interested in a career in music production. The program includes lessons in engineering fields, music writing, licensing and marketing, and also includes how to network and build business relationships.

Andy Vargas and his team, including the Andy Vargas Foundation, are working with EDCT Foundation to raise funds for the program so that it may benefit at-risk youth in the San Bernardino area. Many other programs will be offered for youth that do not get into this program and EDCT Foundation will continue efforts to raise funds to benefit at risk- youth to take other Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math (STEAM) workshops and camps that will be offered.

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AVF/SBCCD Maker Space Meeting

Today we had our AVF Maker-Space Meeting with SBCCD Associate Vice Chancellor Ricard Galope, Ashley Gaines of Economic Development Corporate Training EDCT, Assembly Member Eloise Gomez Reyes, Gar Calhoun Vice President of the Andy Vargas Foundation, Georgia Brown of GPMI and a host of support personell in our endeavor to bring Music Industry Technology into Career Pathways..