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Introducing S.O.N.G. Creative Camp

S.O.N.G. is a two-day immersive music workshop hosted by the Andy Vargas Foundation in Southern California. Young talents across California will learn songwriting, music production, recording, and performance skills from industry experts.

Musical Journeys, Life Lessons: "S.O.N.G.'s mission is twofold: to harness the raw, untapped musical potential of young talents and to instill values that transcend beyond melodies. As we dive deep into the world of music creation, we also emphasize teamwork, resilience, and self-expression, ensuring our participants emerge as well-rounded artists ready to make their mark."

AVF S.O.N.G. Creative Camp

Sparking Originality in New Generations

AVF S.O.N.G. Creative Camp Hosted by the Andy Vargas Foundation with a mission to mentor and uplift underserved youth through music programs and scholarships. Founded by Andy Vargas, the voice behind Carlos Santana's band, in collaboration with Rodney Alejandro from Berklee School of Music, Boston. Join us in sunny Southern California for an immersive two-day music workshop. We're expecting young talents from areas including Orange County and LA. Thanks to our sponsors, participants can reach us via organized rides or on their own.

At S.O.N.G., it's more than just music basics. We dive deep into the world of songwriting, pulling inspiration from individual life stories. Under the guidance of industry experts and renowned musicians, participants will master music production, recording, and stage presence.

Collaborative sessions will lead to creations showcased on our exclusive platforms.

Beyond the notes, we emphasize values like teamwork, resilience, and entrepreneurship. This workshop isn't just an event; it's the start of a musical journey. Future S.O.N.G. programs will equip these artists to share, promote, and live their music dreams. Interested in joining or supporting?

Please email for an application.

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