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College Scholarship

Support a student's musical journey by sponsoring a two-year college scholarship.

Contribute to shaping our future through music education by offering a scholarship valued at either $2,000 or $4,000. Your generosity will not only assist in nurturing talent but also in fostering the dreams of aspiring musicians. Join us in this impactful initiative and make a lasting difference in a student's educational path.

Regular price $2,000.00

Become a Title sponsor

Unlock the ultimate opportunity to shine as the leading force behind our event by becoming a Title Sponsor. As a Title Sponsor, you'll enjoy exclusive branding and recognition at the forefront of our event, making your organization the star of the show. Your company's name and logo will be prominently featured on all promotional materials, both online and offline, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. Join us as a Title Sponsor and let your brand take center stage, while also demonstrating your commitment to supporting our mission and making our impact unforgettable.

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